How you can have sustainable success in production with exponential productivity

The innovative concept to increase competitiveness is called “Exponential Productivity”

During my professional career in Operations I could frequently increase the productivity of my plants by more than 10% p.a. Through this systematic and a practical realization of the Exponential Productivity method, the improvements were not incrementally but erratically achieved. The productivity gain is measured in factor value – a factor value of 1 equals 100% of improvement.


Manufacturing of car body parts
Multi-stage tooling is used for the production of car body parts. Forming presses require a closing power of e.g. 2.000 t to form metal parts depending on size and geometry. The productivity is measured in strokes per minute, also in produced parts per minute.

The older presses work with a speed of 12-15 strokes/minute. This productivity can be easily increased by 100% to 30 strokes/minute with relatively less technical actions. Our excitement moved higher once we achieved more than 100 strokes per minute with innovative technology. This productivity gain has a factor value increase of 6 or 600%.

Engineering effort for the new construction of tools for a vehicle door
The previous construction duration was about 6 weeks for a specific tool of a body part with the construction software CATIA V5. After a redesign of the new process flow, the design work duration, including the milling programs, the parts list, the assembly plans and the measurement and test reports was only about 1% of the previous working time.

Additional realized improvements

  • Material savings -50% in current production (factor improvement 2)
  • Scrap reduction from 50% to 0.01% (factor improvement 5,000)
  • Reduction of the personnel expenditure in the work preparation by 95% and simultaneous increase of the planning quality (factor improvement 20)
  • Reduction in inventory by 50% (factor improvement 2)
  • Reduction of the lead time to make prototypes (plastic parts) by 95% (factor improvement 5,000)
  • Improvement of delivery reliability (factor improvement 2)
  • Reduction of logistics costs by 50% (factor improvement 2)

Exponential Productivity is methodically implemented in several steps and can be easily learned and trained.

Act now and enter jointly with Coaching For and Dr. Thomas Meichsner the new automotive era!

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