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Coaching For is more than consulting. We develop tailor-made performance enhancement programs for companies of the automotive industry. We specialize in World Class Manufacturing, E-Mobility and Success Improvement.

Dr. Thomas Meichsner und Partner

Coaching for World Class Manufacturing

Coming from the practical site, we have a lot of experiences with the realization of performance enhancement programs. We know international and medium sized cooperate structures as well as international worldwide acting companies. We are at home on the shop floor and familiar with a variety of manufacturing technologies. Coaching For supports, completes and trains your resources. We are the Doer.

  • Do you need to quickly improve your results?
  • Do you want to improve your productivity and quality?
  • Do you have to master a challenging change situation?
  • Do you want to grow profitably?

We support you with your commitment and know-how to implement individual solutions in yourcompany.

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What we offer This is where we specialize


World Class Manufacturing

Coaching For realizes tailor made concepts for a winning production with highest productivity. We have developed a method for Exponential Productivity. We implement innovative products with disruptive production concepts – Industry 4.0 plus.



We develop disruptive manufacturing concepts for innovative products of E-Mobility, and connect your current technical production competence with innovative products of E-Mobility. This will move your classical manufacturing into a growth mode.


Success Enhancement

Coaching For develops and implements performance enhancement programs for automotive companies, the supply industry and the machine and equipment manufacturers. We are experts in change management.

Our approach That's how we make you better

The sparring partner


Consulting and coaching of owners, investors and board members


Joining the cooperate and advisory board


Expert and advisor of start-up companies, investors, family offices and private equity funds


Private and public speeches

Improvement realization


Identify potentials for higher profitability and liquidity


Involve and motivate employees


Redirect new and existing technical resources onto new market segments


Anchor new and additional knowledge in the company

Plan, analyze, evaluate


Contribute additional know-how and expertise


Highlight critical topics and develop solutions


Prepare alternatives and scenarios


Lead teams to success

The way out of the crisis


Take over management functions (CEO, CRO, COO, …)


Being the sparring partner


Master crisis situations: e.g. supplier management, quality topics, start-up management, opening new plants


Prepare and realize a structured sales process

Why is World Class Manufacturing the key to your success?

Only World Class Manufacturing enables a high profitability and cash-flow in the company. New products can be developed and state of the art production equipment can be purchased with the excellent results in order to produce low cost products in the best quality. World Class Manufacturing generates a competitive advantage that supports world-wide growth. Innovative products and globally successful companies are based on World Class Manufacturing.
All stakeholders will benefit: Customers, Employees, Owners, Investors, Banks, Society,…

Recent topics Our latest insights

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Dr. Thomas P. Meichsner in Board Report about the re-invention of the Automotive Supply Industry

In the issue of the Board Magazine 2016/01 Dr. Thomas P. Meichsner was interviewed about the future of the automotive and supplier industry. He is sharing market segment insights and he will explain, why especially the German Automotive Industry needs to re-invent itself from the scratch. How exactly and with what kind of methods this enormous step has to be made, will be explained in this interview.


Why E-Mobility is a great opportunity to revolutionize the established supply industry

For every entrepreneur it must be clear that E-Mobility in the automotive industry will be realized In light of the technical and political discussions. The technical progress enables many companies to escape a fixed competitive environment and to encounter new market niches. Innovative products enable to link classical and innovative manufacturing.


How you can have sustainable success in production with Expontential Productivity

Exponential Productivity in connection with most modern manufacturing technologies can realize productivity gains of more than 100%. Process steps can be simplified or deleted. Companies, that are openminded for these new approaches in manufacturing will realize a significant competitive advantage. Exponential Productivity increases stakeholder value and saves jobs in high cost countries.

“There are much more chances, to lead companies out of the crisis into a safe harbor, than many managers can think of. In any case it is worthwhile to learn from the experiences of companies from other industries. If the solution is defined, then the implantation can follow quickly and practically through a professional and interdisciplinary project management team.”

Dr. Thomas P. Meichsner

Act now and enter jointly with Coaching For and Dr. Thomas Meichsner the new automotive era!

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